(20.5.2008) Our Internet pages are online again.

(20.3.2008) Before You are reaching Nulpon Nulkaus, please read this..

(30.11.2007) Reindeer Napo is finally at home. The Winter Season is on - visitors are Welcome!!!

(3.11.2007) New Photos added in Photo Album!! (Needs the Flash Plugin)

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Reindeer Safari

Reindeer Safari ride starts with meeting reindeer and putting collar on them ("länkiminen"). Length of the ride is about 10 km, and it takes 3-4 hours. During the ride, reindeer are not tied with another reindeer ("Raito") - so You will control reindeer yourself!! This is very exiting, because all our reindeer are so called "Wild Reindeer", so anything can happen!!!

Reindeer on the break...

In the halfway of the ride, we will have a break at shelter called "kota" to have some coffee from a "Soot Coffee Pot". During the break, you can also learn to use lasso ("Suopunki"). After the ride, we will feed the reindeer, and each participant will get a certificate of their participation.