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Authentic Reindeer Safari

Photo: © Mika A Väyrynen Nulpon Nulkaus is founded on the Year 1996 at Muonio. Our company has three permanent emplyee, Ona Rauhala, Markku Rauhala and Teppo Rauhala.
On the Season, we have thousands of visitors all around from Middle Europe, for example from Germany and France. Basically the Season starts when ground gets a snow cover and that usually will be on November. The Season lasts end of April and will stopped when snow melts down.

Company Values

  • Our reindeer breeders' professional expertise.
  • Our events are focused on reindeer.
  • We will not harm the nature.
  • We listen to our customers, fullfilling their dreams whenever it is possible.
  • We listen to our reindeer, they communicate by their behaviour.
  • All customers start their safari ride from the very beginning, i.e. harnessing the reindeer.

Our Vision

  • Growth of our turnover, together with the popularity of reindeer safari.
  • Bringing summer season alongside with the winter season.
  • Brand as a genuine reindeer farm.
  • Using log cottages as visiting targets.
  • Company partners' commitment with their work.


  • Reindeer Safari
  • Ice Fishing
  • Visits at Reindeer Farm
  • Coffee from a "Soot Coffee Pot"